A Few Trends Digital Marketing Saw In 2016

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Digital Marketing Trends

The role of digital marketing is expanding rapidly and it has become more difficult to keep track of the changes taking place in the field. In digital marketing, continued learning is very important. If you are unable to find time to keep up with the changes in marketing trends and industry happenings, your efforts will be in vain. Here are a few of the most successful digital marketing trends of 2016.

Improved Social Search

Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing niches in the marketing field and the year 2016 has introduced improved search functionality. moreover, In late 2015, Facebook replaced website search with their own algorithm, which allows users to search all the public posts.

Twitter has also updated their advanced search capabilities and now they allow long tail keyword searches. Social search is much exciting for the marketers, as it allows brand contents to be discovered organically. Apparently, improved social search functionality has led to increased organic traffic.

Social search has also become an effective targeting and research tool. Marketers can look for any term on Facebook and search for public posts that use the particular term. The results of the search can be filtered by location, source, and date. This is to allow marketers find people who follow their brand or have posted comments and questions about their products and services, etc.

Live Video Streaming

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Changes In Marketing Trends

Another key player that emerged in 2016 is Live video streaming. Facebook launched Facebook Live in April. And in June, YouTube released a new feature for the various Live streams to be captured and served via the mobile app of the company.

The release of such services made Live streaming much easier than before. Digital marketers are making use of the simplified access to see positive outcomes like increased engagement and damage control. Live video streaming also helps businesses to promote a new product launch.

Real Time Marketing

Real time marketing is a new strategy that revolves around current and topical events. This marketing strategy is an effective method to earn a quick increase in website traffic and online visibility.

There are many ways to find trending topics these days. To name a few, Google Trends will offer you daily updates on popular searches, Twitter will help you know which hashtags are trending, and Facebook will let you know what are the popular topics currently.