3 Things to Do Right with Traffic Monetization

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Intrusive Pop-Ups

Monetizing website traffic has many risks. If done wrong, it can endanger the usability of your site, not to mention its organic search ranking and engagement. You need to keep knowing more about SEO and the changing digital trends, as well as many marketing pitfalls. Below, we have laid out the 3 things you can do right while marketing your website.

Keep Away from Intrusive Pop-Ups

If you are an advertiser that wants to monetize mobile traffic, then the first thing you need to do is check for any banners, interstitial advertisements, and pop-ups on your site. Pop-ups can be used in ways that do not hurt your SEO, although it is a bit hard to know if they are intrusive or not.

Google advises using legal-related verification, age verification, cookie verification, and sign up dialog boxes. What you can do is, put up pages that pique the user’s interest in the product being offered. Moreover, it is a good choice to display banners only after a certain number of pages on the site have been visited.

Limit the Space Given to Ads

There needs to be a balance between the ads and the SEO content, or you will have Google down rank the site. This will lead to less revenue from reduced traffic. Google is big on user experience and site engagement metrics, two of them being average session duration and dwell time. You may favor money over UX, but choosing that way can mean increased bounce rate, or decreased average session duration and pages per session.

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Site Engagement Metrics

In Google’s eyes, this means the site does not value users the way it should, meaning you will probably lose traffic, ranking, and revenue. What you can do here, is place no more than one or two ads per page, and place them next to the content on the right side, or at the top of the page. Moreover, you will need to make sure that the ads are positioned properly in different browsers and versions.

Limit Content Span

Readers do not like having to bounce around pages reading parts of the same post. If they have to, chances are they won’t visit your site again. So instead of focusing on page views and ads, set up good content and earn a devoted following that keep returning.

It would be better to look at engagement metrics and set up neat and clean pages with content that profits the reader and is easily accessible to boot. This way, your audience will be back for more.